Travelling Solo

I always have a clear idea as to when I want to go on holiday, then there’s the difficulty of finding someone like minded who wants to come with me… I always eventually do, most of the time it always ends up then being a small group trip…! I am the type to not only know where I want to go a year in advance, but I’m that person who spends copious amounts of time researching things…


Though I’ve been toying with the idea of perhaps doing a holiday alone.

The prospect of being that young woman on the beach with her headphones in and a book looking at the ocean fills me with both joy and dread all at once….


Who will I talk to?! I might end up being that woman at the bar, talking to the poor bar man after my 8th cocktail.. or maybe I’ll be sat next to a really nice person on my flight who ends up being a fellow lone traveller.. who knows.

Either way, i think it may well be enriching, though whats previously put me off before, is the cost. Traditionally you get penalised for travelling alone. That bedroom rate which you normally split becomes just your problem though I’ve since read a few articles that state otherwise, and that actually there’s plenty of deals to be had…

Since beginning to write this blog post, I actually have joined a travel group, though I guess once again, isn’t really going on holiday with your own company, but you are travelling with like – minded travel lovers.


I’m not really into those back packing type of holidays  either – I uh work too hard to rough it… Lol , but I do recall hearing of a travel site that did specialise in costing up trips based on single occupancy…

  • Have you travelled alone?
  • Has it taught you anything about you?
  • Where was your best lone destination?
  • Do you know any companies that specialise in lone travel at boutique resorts in exotic destinations?

Here’s a few sites I found, that you may find useful if you are thinking about it..

Women Travelling Alone Safety Tips

Tips for Solo Travellers

Go Solo – Tips for Female Travellers

Why every woman should travel alone

And here is a post from a friend that did just that…

1057 in London Blog Post
Enjoy! X



2 thoughts on “Travelling Solo

  1. I’ve always dreamed of travelling alone! (I’m only 16 so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit) I think it makes you more indepent and you can decide when and what you want to visit spontaneously, and also allows you to get to know the people and culture better. Only problem is, especially as a young woman it’s not that safe in some places…
    July x

    1. Thanks for sharing @livingageblog – you’ve definitely got more than enough time to cross this one of your list. I’m determined to do it at least once so watch this space!

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